Diversity in Dialogue: Pledge and Checklist

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An equal and inclusive society demands the inclusion of voices from all paths and experiences. It demands that we do not give center stage to the loudest and most visible voices, but recognize the diverse expertise and experience held across our society, including differing views.

Diversity in Dialogue

Women, and those from historically marginalized groups, such as gender minorities, persons with disabilities, persons from the Dalit community, youth and ethnic minorities, continue to be underrepresented in public forums. Panels that are largely homogenous, often all male and of similar socio-economic backgrounds perpetuate the under and misrepresentation of women and other marginalized groups. It results in the silencing of multiple arguments and expertise, reinforcing singular narratives and beliefs. It is also diminishing the diversity of role models that the public sees as legitimate experts. Now is the time to make a conscious choice for better representation, join us in a commitment to create diversity in dialogue.