Inter Agency IT Task Force

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Harmonization and simplification of the UN Operational activities, reduction in duplication of works and attainment of UN System-wide coherence both in progarmme and operations are some of the important elements of the UN Reform. In achieving the above goals in the Country Offices, UNDG(United Nations Development Group) has formulated a functional governance mechanism for the UN RC(United Nations Resident Coordination) System and UNCT(United Nations Country Team). This has been widely adopted by many COs. Inter-Agency Information Technology Task Forces(IAITTF) are integral part of the Governance Mechanism and this falls at the third level in the hierarchy – UNCT at the top, Operations Management Team(OMT) at the middle and then the task forces. Within UN Nepal governance structure, the IAITTF coordination is provided by a Secretariat consisting chairperson and vice chairperson.


Act as an advisory committee in the areas of Information communication technology to Operation Management Team (OMT) and facilitate in the implementation of OMT work plan


  • Provide various technical recommendations and advice to the OMT on the specific tasks assigned.
  • Assist the OMT in the matters relating to the harmonization and simplification of policies, procedures and practices, where feasible.
  • Increase the inter-agency collaboration and coordination in the issues of mutual concerns and reduce inter-agency duplication of works and policy/operational inconsistencies.
  • Assessing current UN operations and identify and analyze any issues of mutual concerns that requires a joint UN response.
  • Becomes the technical network for knowledge sharing and build the technical expertise of its members and the rest of the specialized UN staff working in similar technical fields.


  • The task force membership is open to all agencies which are members of the UNCT;
  • Each UN agency shall appoint one member to substantially contribute to the technical/functional areas of IAITTF
  • Agencies shall nominate members by end of Nov every year;
  • The OMT, through its Chair, will officially inform respective direct supervisors and head of agencies of this nomination.